PhotoPresets Wow Effects for Lightroom

PhotoPresets Wow Effects for Lightroom 1.0

Adjust all of the development parameters in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

PhotoPresets let you quickly and easily adjust all of the development parameters in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Its your one-click solution for correct white balance, tone, vibrance, hue and sharpening of your photo. You can selectively apply tools to lighten and darken the sky or smooth skin, and you can quickly apply unique creative effects to your images.

PhotoPresets even allows you to preview each effect before you apply it and stack several presets together to get the look you desire. Then you can save an entire stack of settings as your own custom preset for future use and even use them for batch processing.

PhotoPresets for Lightroom now includes two dynamite collections of development presets. The first collection, PhotoPresets with One-Click WOW! includes 85 presets for quick and easy image optimization such as color and tonal correction.

The second collection, PhotoPresets WOW Effects, includes 55 additional presets for adding special effects to your images, taking advantage of the new features in Lightroom 2.

Getting great results with your Raw images in Lightroom couldn't be easier. The variations on the right represent examples of what you can do when applying a single or combination of presets to the photo.

Includes 140 presets
* 8 White Balance presets
* 11 Tone Curve presets
* 4 Vibrance presets
* 18 HSL presets
* 12 Black & White presets
* 5 Warm Tinting presets
* 5 Cool Tinting presets
* 16 Vignette presets
* 10 Antique presets
* 10 Edgy presets
* 10 Glow presets
* 20 Gradient presets
* 10 NEW Local Adjustment Tools

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